Our Brand

Our values, which are the basis of our brand identity, reflect the principles that we manage our business based on. The four main values of Persiadoor Co. are Family, Expertise, Support and Magnanimity.

Family includes employees, customers and other stakeholders that Persiadoor Co. has direct contact with.

Expertise is a matter of course for our company, which encompasses skilled human resources, importing products with superior quality, designing top-notch end products and all the professional stakeholders that this company interacts with during the production, distribution, implementation and service processes.

Support is the most effective way of serving customers with respect to the three principles of friendliness, listening and efficiency.

And finally, magnanimity, which as befits the name of this company, commits to its customers and their values, preserves its dignity and takes its steps in this industry honorably towards achieving all the aforementioned goals.

Our Values

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