About Us

Persiadoor Co. has been a brilliant leader in the field of automatic doors for 16 years. It is also the only exclusive and official representative of the German Geze company in Iran. It offers a wide range of services, including selling Geze products, providing after-sales support, performing periodic maintenance of all automatic doors, and designing and manufacturing custom-made doors according to the customer’s needs.

Persiadoor Co. has implemented various projects in the field of automatic doors in different parts of the vast country of Iran. These include universities and educational institutions, hospitals and medical centers, banks, hotels, companies, factories, shopping centers and commercial and administrative complexes, shops, restaurants and residential complexes.

Our values, which are the basis of our brand identity, reflect the principles that we manage our business based on. The four main values of Persiadoor Co. are Family, Expertise, Support and Magnanimity.